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Our story

The story of Ioannidis Medicals is characterized by strategic decisions, partnerships and milestones, which contributed to the progress and distinction of the company in the field of medical equipment.


The story of Ioannidis Medicals begins with its formation in 1996. The company’s main activity is to address the needs of small and big health units with medical disposable products (doctor offices, vet clinics, small private clinics).


Ioannidis Medicals headquarters are relocated in Chios street, Chalandri.


The company initiates collaborations with military hospitals, military logistic organizations and prestigious medical technology companies in Greece.

Certification & Expansions

Ioannidis Medicals is certified for its services with ISO:9001, the most widely known quality management standard.

The same year, it expands its activities to public and university hospitals in Athens.

The redesign of the delivery process and the creation of a warehouse facility, for a more effective client service, happens next. From that point on, the deliveries take place with the use of special software.

The company partners with renowned surgical drapes companies and other medical disposable products companies.

New products

Ioannidis Medicals enters the anaesthesia products market.

Study & Safety

The company focuses on the systematic study of infection units. At the same time, it begins to occupy with safety materials for the protection of the medical professionals and patients.

Injection products

Ioannidis Medicals gets interested in injection and safety materials, starting a collaboration with one of the most significant medical technology companies, the Becton Dickinson Hellas.


After a few demanding years, Ioannidis Medicals redesigns its operation according to the new data of the Greek market.


Ioannidis Medicals initiates a partnership with sanitary control production companies.

Sales increase

The company achieves the increase of its sales during the capital controls, through the strategy of maintaining sufficient stocks and open supply chains from Greece and abroad.

New collaborations

Ioannidis Medicals begins a new collaboration with a suction system company.

At the same time, it extends its partnership with military hospitals to oncology products.

More partners

The company includes to its partners sutures and surgical instruments companies.

New headquarters & Transformation

Ioannidis Medicals relocates to new headquarters in the area of Agia Paraskevi. The same year takes place the initiation of its digital transformation.

The company redesigns its storage and delivery system in collaboration with warehouse and distribution companies, as well as courier companies with support of in-house logistics. This results to the increase of deliverables and the provision of services in a wider range.

Online sales & Telecommuting

Ioannidis Medicals launches its online sales.

By taking all the necessary measurements the year before, the company achieved to operate without problems during the pandemic, applying telecommuting since February.

Constant growth

Up to now, Ioannidis Medicals has collaborated with prestigious medical technology companies and clients in every area of the medical chain (public hospitals, private clinics, private doctors, ect.).


We believe in productive partnership!


We managed to collaborate with prominent companies and clients in every area of the medical chain (public hospitals, private clinics, private doctors, etc.).

Our business growth gave us the opportunity to relocate in new premises and to increase our workforce in order to cover the market needs.

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