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Our Mission

Our mission is to cover the needs of health professionals and patients in the most effective way, through the provision of safe and reliable products, of high standards and reasonable cost.

By operating as a link in the country’s health system, we actively contribute to the continuous improvement of health conditions and we bring benefit to the society as a whole.

The formation of meaningful, long term human connections and the creation of an excellent working environment are essential parts of our mission.

Our Vision

We envision the dynamic development of our company and its consolidation as a leader in the field of medical technology products. In order for this to be achieved, we invest in the continuous study of international trends and market changes, in collaboration with specialized scientific partners.

Our Value System

Our values are an integral part of our work.

  • Responsibility
    We respond to our role with integrity and responsibility, by always keeping our commitments to our patients, our work force, our partners and the society.
  • Innovation
    We are open to new ideas. We invest in research and technology, aiming at the continuous improvement of our products and the search for new approaches in existing procedures.
  • Respect
    We show undivided respect and understanding to the need of every patient for quality medical care. We operate without discriminations, having as a priority the human and the health.
  • Partnership
    We work as a team with consistency and professionalism. We stay united under difficult times and challenges. The contribution of each member is priceless and completely necessary to our purpose.